Introducing the Coats ®
Inspection Lane


The Coats® Inspection Lane System uses cutting-edge technology to provide dealerships with an automatic inspection process as a vehicle enters the service lane. The system instantly checks alignment and tread depth and creates a detailed easy-to-read report to help your customers make an informed service decision. Your proactive approach to their vehicle care will build loyalty and greater customer satisfaction.

Drive Service Revenue

The ability to display results on printouts, smart TVs, or hand held devices allows dealers to customize their sales and presentation approach to fit their operations. The report helps customers build trust with their service representative by showing what needs immediate attention and what might be down the road.

35% increase in related service sales can be attributed to checking alignment as customers drive into your service lane.
75% of customers purchase tires from the first person that recommends new tires.

The Fast Route to ROI

The web-based interface shows your technicians which cars do not need an alignment check, which are candidates for a quick measure, and which need an alignment. About 15% of vehicles are good candidates for an alignment and 20% are marginal. If 50 vehicles are automatically inspected every day, on average there will be 17.5 alignment opportunities worth about $1,683 per day. The potential payback is in 24 days (assuming a 100% close rate.)


The Bodyguard Vehicle Scratch and Dent Detection System is an optional component of the Inspection Lane System that uses high definition cameras to capture the state of the vehicle’s exterior as the customer enters the service lane. These images are stored with the rest of the vehicle’s acquired data. Pre-existing damage can be used by your service team for repair estimates or for upselling services. But the documentation also guards your dealership from fraudulent damage claims. Help relieve stress on your team and increase check-in efficiency.

Back-Office Reporting

The Coats Inspection Lane Service Manager Dashboard organizes and displays data from the Alignment Scan and Tread Depth Scanner to reveal lane activity and service trends. This allows managers and service writers to better understand their performance and service sell trends. The Alignment Scan and Tread Depth Scanner work independently and can be broken out in reporting. But the two products easily integrate to provide a complete picture of the customer’s service needs.

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